The Most Common Flaw Among Wedding Venue Owners

Wedding venue owners are talented humans. They juggle hundreds of events, work tirelessly throughout the week and weekends, balance communication to brides and venue owners, all while maintaining a beautiful property. Some handle the stress of adding on food and beverage services, complicated wedding events, and stressful weekends to make dreams come true.  This is …

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DIY Bookkeeping For Venues

I bet you’re ready to start tracking income and expenses for your venue. If you have no idea where to start, start here. I will guide you how to track it and what to track!

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How to Prep for Taxes

There are two types of people in this world: those who prep for taxes and those who have extensions and stress about taxes.  I think we hear about the latter more often because their stress is more vocalized, whereas the former would not go around town talking about how they feel so great about prepping …

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Apps I Use In My Bookkeeping Business

To even consider talking about apps is exhausting to me. I do not develop any apps, understand the coding, have time to explore all the apps or know all the answers. But I do have some experience switching from app to app. I do not have an affiliate link in this post, so everything you’ll …

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Preventing Fraud:

How America’s Largest Municiple Fraud Case Could Happen To You Recent headlines have the town of Dixon, Illinois at a loss for words. Rita Crundwell, a former comptroller for the city of Dixon, was released from prison before half of her 19.6-year sentence was served. Her crime? Embezzling nearly 54 million dollars from the small …

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Rental Properties: WHAT to Track

The new income buzzword is PASSIVE INCOME. This is the goal of having your money work for you to generate more income. This could include stocks, car washes, storage units, and possibly most popular: rental income. This comes in many forms, including AirB&B, VRBO’s, vacation homes, multifamily apartments, duplexes, and more. The idea is to …

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